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Taking Back the Suburbs  

America’s suburbs are no longer the white-picket enclaves of the popular imagination, thanks in large part to the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Yet the pathbreaking law remains far from delivering on its original promise. Can creative new litigation change that?

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Zoning for the 1%  

The rezoning of northern Manhattan has exposed the failings of New York City’s top-down housing program, which puts the profits of landlords and developers over the rights of tenants.

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A Coalition of Necessity  

The YIMBYs pair winning political strategy with an inclusive program that will bring relief to victims of the housing crisis across the board.

A reply to Jacob Woocher and Shanti Singh.

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American Apartheid  

In The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein unveils how the federal government deliberately promoted housing segregation, deepening racial inequality and violating the Constitutional rights of millions of Americans.

Making All Black Lives Matter | University of California Press Placeholder