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Who Closes Hospitals?  

A series of recent hospital closures points to the limits of the U.S. multi-payer healthcare system. Private provision cannot guarantee public access so long as insurance companies fuel rising costs.

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ACLU Employees Protest for Job Protections  

At the American Civil Liberties Union’s national headquarters in New York City, four months of negotiations have failed to bring unionized office staff to an agreement with management over the terms of their employment. Last Wednesday these employees held their …

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Is Philadelphia the Next Chicago?  

Activists in Philadelphia have responded to an austere “doomsday budget” with civil disobedience, hunger strikes, and community outreach. The crisis has revealed the potential for a city-wide insurgency.

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Partial Readings: Whistleblowers and Job Security  

In a recent essay on Seth Rosenfeld’s history of the FBI in the New York Review of Books, Adam Hochschild included a portentous anecdote: [I]n order to eavesdrop on a meeting in [Communist activist] Jessica Mitford’s house, two bumbling FBI …

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