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After the Coal Rush  

In Montceau-les-Mines, a French town once dependent on coal mining, there was no just transition from fossil fuels. Once a left-leaning industrial hub, Montceau today is an open field for the far right.

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Try Socialism  

Since Trump took office, a growing number of Americans have been willing to “try socialism,” as a DSA hashtag puts it. The 2017 results show that a new generation of socialists is serious about translating this still amorphous interest into lasting power.

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Beyond “Conflict Minerals”: The Congo’s Resource Curse Lives On  

“In sub-Saharan Africa,” a video at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show announces, “there is war that feeds off of global demand for electronics. The place is the DRC—the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The region is ground zero for conflict minerals.” Tech giants including Intel and Apple are now working with NGOs to clean up their supply chains and help promote peace in the region. But will their proposed solutions challenge the deeper patterns of exploitation plaguing the DRC?

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Putin to West: Go Frack Yourself  

By the time Crimeans went to the polls yesterday, it was clear that their referendum on secession added little more than rhetorical flourish to a military and political fait accompli. With over 95 percent of those polled voting to join …

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Partial Readings: The Rule of Law  

Last Thursday, in a major policy speech at the National Defense University, President Obama unveiled the legal scaffold his Department of Justice has been erecting, one piece at a time, around the “targeted killing” program that has become the signature …

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