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Out of the Closet, Into the Streets  

The revolutionary fervor of May ’68 didn’t end with a general strike. It fueled radical demands for years to come, and brought new causes into the mainstream—not least of them LGBT rights.

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Marxism’s Fatal Flaw  

Marx’s social-democratic critics recognized a fundamental point that the great economist missed: that a better world was not inevitable, but achievable, and that their job was to bring that world into being through politics.

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Trump’s Triangle Fire  

The blaze that killed a Trump Tower resident in early April recalls a long of history of developers and corporations putting profit over safety—an ethos that informs not only Trump’s business but his presidency.

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The Assault on Reality  

Essential to understanding Trump is his attempt to subject the public to his own solipsistic reality—and thereby destroy our shared basis for democracy.

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Which Way for Cuba?  

As the country prepares for a historic presidential succession, ending the Castros’ nearly sixty-year grip on the highest office, inequality is growing and ordinary Cubans are increasingly disaffected. A report from Havana.

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A Tangle for the Anti-Development Left  

Housing debates have long been a mess of ideological contradictions. A far-reaching new bill in California, which would allow for denser construction in areas served by transit, begins to unscramble them.

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Paradoxes of UNRWA  

Dramatic recent cuts in U.S. funding to UNRWA, which provides essential services to millions of Palestinian refugees, illustrate the tensions embedded in the agency since its founding.

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