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Activists in L.A. are connecting homelessness to the issues of over-policing, gentrification, and the fight for affordable housing—and asking the city to recognize the homeless as members of the community, rather than a problem to be swept out of view.

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The LGBTIQ March on Havana  

#LaMarchaVa represents a crisis of the state’s monopoly on information. By breaking with the standard methods and norms of participatory politics in Cuba, activists and the government find themselves in unknown territory.

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“Hurrah for the Time Man!”  

The labor historians of the 1960s were born into the culture of unity forged in the working-class movement’s classical phase, between 1890 and 1945. In one form or another, they told the story of this era, not realizing how radically it might come undone.

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Material World  

Bruno Latour’s flirtations with the paranoid style of climate politics are a summation of ideas long in the making—ideas that those attempting to preserve a planet shared by all will have to take into account, but will also have to reach beyond.

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