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MMT’s account of the origin of money is a useful corrective to the stories told by orthodox economists. But a deeper history of the social construction of money opens up more radical possibilities for rethinking the monetary order.

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Family Ties  

We’re still living with the punitive politics of family values. A broader, universal vision can break its vise grip.

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What Caste Leaves Out  

Isabel Wilkerson’s account of racial oppression elides crucial differences between social inequality in South Asia and the United States—differences with real implications for emancipatory political projects.

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Backlash Forever  

It’s time to abandon the assumption that workers have a “natural” home on the center-left. But we should also reject the idea that social conservatism always lies latent within working-class culture, ready for right-wing politicians to activate.

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The Education Fix  

The idea that more degrees, credentials, and skills will raise the bottom of the economic floor has become an article of national faith. But educational systems can just as easily reproduce inequality as mitigate it.

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The Tax Trap  

A long line of critical fiscal theorists has pointed to the limits of financing a politics of emancipation through levies on a regressive economy. We need to heed their warnings today.