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The Invisible Hand  

Somewhere between the apostles and Joel Osteen, mainstream Christianity turned from a wellspring of egalitarian promise into yet another exponent of the market gospel. Two new books chart where things went wrong.

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Between the Lines  

A new collection of Elena Ferrante’s correspondence and interviews illuminates how Ferrante pulled away from a male-dominated tradition to define her own genre of popular feminist literature.

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How Tax Havens Make Us Poor  

Gabriel Zucman’s The Hidden Wealth of Nations offers a plainspoken explanation of what we are constantly told is “too complicated” for us to understand: the myriad legal loopholes the rich exploit to avoid paying taxes, and why closing them should be a priority for the rest of us.

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Freedom from Abstraction  

The Four Freedoms: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Evolution of an American Idea by Jeffrey A. Engel Oxford University Press, 2015, 248 pp. The Fight for the Four Freedoms: What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great by Harvey …

The Breadwinner-Homemaker Trap  

Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict by Heather Boushey Harvard University Press, 2016, 360 pp. What Works: Gender Equality by Design by Iris Bohnet Harvard University Press, 2016, 400 pp. To illustrate the tensions between work and family, Heather …

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Statelessness: A Forgotten Crisis  

The Nubian community has lived in Kenya for over a hundred years, yet many became stateless after Kenya’s independence in 1963. For years, Nubian youth had to go through a nationality verification process called “vetting” in order to obtain a …

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