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The Limits of Class  

Marxist critiques of identity politics place an inordinate weight on the working class as agent of change—and elide its often contradictory history.

A reply to Shuja Haider.

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Anatomy of a Crisis  

To effectively counter the threat of authoritarianism posed by today’s crisis of democracy, we need to understand the dynamics that produced it.

Introducing the special section of our Winter 2018 issue.

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The Souls of Black Teachers: Reading José Luis Vilson with W. E. B. Du Bois  

The schools of New York are now more segregated than at any point in the state’s history, and are the most segregated schools in the nation. New York City math teacher José Luis Vilson’s This Is Not A Test is a powerful account of how today’s resegregation holds back students of color—and how black and Latino teachers can fight back.