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The End of Development  

Discussion in the United States about secular stagnation, a long-term tendency toward weak business investment and slow growth, has mostly focused on wealthy countries. But slowing growth around the world cannot be explained as the sign of economic “maturity.”

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It Doesn’t Have to Be a War  

The Trump administration appears ready to invoke the Defense Production Act to speed manufacture of essential goods like face masks. What if we didn’t have to resort to the analog of war?

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Crisis Cranks  

Economists Posner and Weyl’s book Radical Markets attempts to make sense of the current moment and propose a way out, but their unorthodox proposals come up short.

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Spontaneous Order: Looking Back at Neoliberalism  

“The owl of Minerva,” Hegel famously wrote, “flies only at dusk”: historical events can be theoretically comprehended only in retrospect. Is this the case with neoliberalism? A term ubiquitous in the academy but scarcely used outside it, the concept is difficult to define with precision. Two recent books attempt to describe neoliberalism’s historical origins and explore its current political implications.

What Happens to a Dream Deferred?  

I’m sometimes asked if Florida is in the South. Well, it’s a big state, I’ll usually say, and regional boundaries are never well defined. This summer, though, the headlines suggested some new reasons to answer the question in the affirmative. …