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The Charge of Genocide  

South Africa’s willingness to file a case with the International Court of Justice is a sign that the old tactics used to police discourse about genocide have lost much of their power.

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The Failure of COP28  

The UAE, host to the latest UN climate conference, showcases the vices that need to be vanquished if we’re going to have anything approaching a green society.

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The Case for a Ceasefire  

It is beyond our power to bring back those innocents whose lives have already been lost, but we can work to prevent the calamity that will surely follow if Israel continues to retaliate as it has so far.

A Reply to Gabriel Winant  

The right to grieve is no less a human right than the right to live. If the left cannot recognize this, then it has learned nothing from the catastrophes of the last century.

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Stop the Destruction of Gaza  

Elected leaders across the United States are in nearly complete lockstep offering full support for whatever military operations the Israeli government is about to undertake. It is imperative to challenge this consensus.