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The Limits of Class  

Marxist critiques of identity politics place an inordinate weight on the working class as agent of change—and elide its often contradictory history.

A reply to Shuja Haider.

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Listen to the Teens  

The high-school students organizing against gun violence in the wake of the Parkland shooting could spark a much larger movement.

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The Mind of Paul Booth, 1943–2018  

First in SDS, then in the labor movement, Paul Booth embodied that remarkable, and rare, combination of ideals and strategy. A left that hopes to win has much to learn from his example.

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Jargon or Clickbait?  

Once an academic conceit, the term “neoliberalism” has long since gone viral, helping to faciliate a generational shift in popular discourse.

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A White Story  

In the standard narrative of neoliberalism’s rise, the demise of the white social contract gets cast as universal.

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