Know Your Enemy: Taylor Swift Derangement Syndrome, with B.D. McClay

Know Your Enemy: Taylor Swift Derangement Syndrome, with B.D. McClay

Matt and Sam talk to B.D. McClay about the right’s freakout over Taylor Swift—and what she can tell us about American fame, fortune, and fear.

Taylor Swift on tour in 2023 (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)

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Why are Republicans and the right losing their minds over Taylor Swift, the gifted songwriter and globe-bestriding pop star? Why do they think her NFL-playing, Super Bowl–winning boyfriend is secretly gay—precisely because he’s dating Taylor Swift? Why is this slice of Americana being portrayed as a deep-state op meant to hand the 2024 election to Joe Biden? To try to answer these and other similarly bewildering questions, Matt and Sam talked to writer B.D. McClay, whose Substack, Notebook, has become the essential guide to understanding Taylor Swift, her place in our culture and politics, and why she drives right-wingers (but not just right-wingers) crazy.



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