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Taking Back the Suburbs  

America’s suburbs are no longer the white-picket enclaves of the popular imagination, thanks in large part to the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Yet the pathbreaking law remains far from delivering on its original promise. Can creative new litigation change that?

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Adulting While Poor  

Forget the avocado toast. Popular narratives about downwardly mobile millennials and their spending habits overlook a key factor in why young people have been hit so hard by today’s housing crisis: class.

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Balancing Act  

If two recent analyses of populism agree on one thing, it’s that democracy and capitalism have fallen out of balance. Less clear is how—or whether—the truce between them should be restored.

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The Factory That Ate Wisconsin  

Touted by Republicans as a case study in reviving U.S. manufacturing, Foxconn’s new factory in Wisconsin only reveals the failings of the GOP agenda. To defeat Scott Walker in November, Democrats will have to show there’s a better way to create good jobs.

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The Housing Revolution We Need  

A decade after the crash of 2008, a growing movement has thrust our prolonged housing crisis to the center of the national agenda. Could this generation finally make the right to housing a reality?

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