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China’s Feminist Five  

China’s younger generation of feminists pose a unique threat to the Communist Party. By celebrating single, queer, and often child-free women, they are challenging government edicts that marriage and families are the foundation of the country’s political stability.

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Gender Trouble in Poland  

Poland’s proposed abortion ban is part of a broader attack on women by the right-wing PiS government, which has sought to banish the word “gender” itself from the country’s vocabulary. But Polish feminists and their allies are fighting back.

The Breadwinner-Homemaker Trap  

Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict by Heather Boushey Harvard University Press, 2016, 360 pp. What Works: Gender Equality by Design by Iris Bohnet Harvard University Press, 2016, 400 pp. To illustrate the tensions between work and family, Heather …

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Feminism at the Polls  

The Democratic primary revealed the fault lines of both establishment feminism and the socialist left. It also suggested an appetite for the kind of feminism we need—one that understands the impact of economic and foreign policy on the majority of women’s lives.

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