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Authoritarian Democracy: A Playbook  

From India to Turkey to the Philippines, authoritarian-leaning leaders of major world democracies have refined a set of strategies to make their countries less democratic. Here are five common tactics to watch out for.

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Bad New Days  

This will likely be seen as one of the most consequential presidential elections in American history—above all, in institutionalizing the GOP as an unchecked vehicle for racism, nativism, anti-Semitism, and misogyny.

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A Time for Rage  

Trump’s America will be a terrifying place. But fear is paralyzing. Rage, channeled appropriately, provides the beginnings of something better: resistance.

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Tomorrow’s Fight  

Trump has put us where he put his followers all year: frightened, in a besieged place, a country we do not feel we recognize, in need of a champion. Now we all have to be one another’s champions.

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