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Today, we are watched as never before, through surreptitious governmental data collection and through corporate profiles of our desires and habits. Yet we also divulge private matters aggressively, seeking freedom through publicity.

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Wage Woes  

Unemployment is at its lowest since 1969, yet the average American worker remains badly underpaid. Why?

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Can We Scale Down Big Tech?  

Scandal at Facebook and the Amazon headquarters search charade have prompted renewed calls to break up big tech companies. But we need to go beyond trustbusting to rein in Silicon Valley.

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Taking Back the Suburbs  

America’s suburbs are no longer the white-picket enclaves of the popular imagination, thanks in large part to the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Yet the pathbreaking law remains far from delivering on its original promise. Can creative new litigation change that?

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Myths of Maoism  

In recounting how a group of politically engaged scholars sought to extend solidarity to East Asia in the 1968 era, a new book falls into many of the same pitfalls as the scholars it profiles.

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