Hot & Bothered Podcast #2: System Change on a Deadline, with Naomi Klein

Hot & Bothered Podcast #2: System Change on a Deadline, with Naomi Klein

In an extended interview, author and activist Naomi Klein discusses the Leap Manifesto, and what it will take to get us to a just, carbon-free world.

Naomi Klein speaking at a COP21 event in Paris, December 10, 2015 (Ilias Bartolini / Flickr)

In the second episode of Hot & Bothered, we have an extended conversation with Naomi Klein—author of No Logo, The Shock Doctrine, and This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate—about the struggle to build an alternative to fossil-fueled capitalism. What future horizons can we dream about and bring into reality? What practical precedents can we build on? How is the climate movement doing in Canada, where Klein and the Leap Manifesto that she helped write have been all over the news?

We then discuss the potential of publicly owned renewables and reform efforts in rural electric cooperatives, New Deal-era utilities set up to fill gaps left by private electricity providers. Could a Renewable Electrification Administration weather the accusations of “creeping socialism” its Depression-era predecessor faced?

We’re asking the big questions! And we’re asking you to help us do better. Listeners: send us your feedback at #HotBotheredClimate. Tweet the burning questions you want us to address, plus compliments, complaints, or any other reactions that start with a C.

And stay tuned for episode three next month, featuring an interview with the climate scientist Gavin Schmidt. Schmidt is the director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the co-author of Climate Change: Picturing the Science. We’ll be talking about the science of those terrifying climate “tipping points.”

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Naomi Klein and the Leap Manifesto

Text of the Leap Manifesto

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Naomi Klein, Let Them Drown: The Violence of Othering in a Warming World (London Review of Books)

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Analysis of Klein’s This Changes Everything

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