Belabored Podcast #118: Fighting for Sanctuary and Solidarity

Belabored Podcast #118: Fighting for Sanctuary and Solidarity

Rosanna Aran and Christina Fox of #SomosVisibles join us to talk about immigrant organizing in New York under Trump.

Protesters block traffic on the George Washington Bridge in October (@occupytheory via Twitter)

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Donald Trump rode a wave of anti-immigrant hatred all the way to the White House. So many immigrant communities are justifiably terrified of what will happen to their families, jobs, and rights when he takes office. But in many ways, they’ve been preparing for such a crisis for years; now they’re just  more driven to mobilize the institutional muscle they’ve built up over the past eight years organizing against Obama’s draconian deportation and detention policies. The Trump administration will make their lives harder, but it’s also emboldened their resistance.

To close out 2016, we speak with Rosanna Aran and Christina Fox of #SomosVisibles, a new campaign to amplify the voices of immigrant communities across New York, who are determined to keep mobilizing for economic and racial justice.

In other year-end news: a hard-fought union victory for Columbia graduate student workers; political grandstanding around Trump’s supposed “rescue” of Carrier workers; a follow up on North Carolina’s infamous bathroom bill with former Belabored guest Eric Fink; and an innovative initiative in Portland to tax obscenely high executive salaries. With recommended reading on how Trump’s pick for Education Secretary plans to Christianize and privatize public schools, and a checklist for the next four years of organizing.

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Rosanna Aran and Christina Fox of #Somosvisible / #WeAreVisible / Laundry Workers Center

#Somosvisible on Twitter

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Argh, I Wish I’d Written That!

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