Belabored Podcast #102: A Left Turn on the Campaign Trail, with Eric Fink

Belabored Podcast #102: A Left Turn on the Campaign Trail, with Eric Fink

An interview with Eric Fink, a democratic socialist candidate for State Senate in North Carolina, who is challenging one of the lawmakers behind the state’s HB2 “bathroom bill.”

"Raging Grannies" at a protest against HB2 in Raleigh, NC, April 2016 (Flickr / Nathania Johnson)

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If party politics seems hopeless to you these days, look for a glimmer of hope down ticket, as we did with North Carolina’s Eric Fink, who is running as an insurgent outsider for State Senate. The law professor and Brooklyn transplant is challenging one of the lawmakers behind the HB2 “bathroom bill”—widely decried as an attack on transgender rights—with a grassroots platform based on economic justice and social democracy. He reports from the campaign trail about his state’s struggle for LGBT rights, Moral Mondays, and progressive politics in a broken electoral system.

We also check in on Verizon’s massive strike, Uber’s new legal troubles, the Rana Plaza factory disaster three years on, and campaigning for Palestinian rights within organized labor. With recommended reading on labor and the elections, and the founders and inequality.

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