Firestorm: Napalm and the American Century  

Napalm: An American Biography by Robert M. Neer Belknap Press, 2013, 352 pp. Pilots release their ordnance. Silver, cigar-shaped canisters drop away. A simple and deadly munitions miracle, the weapon represents American know-how and military necessity. For close-quarters infantry support …

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Relitigating the Haymarket Trial  

The Haymarket Conspiracy: Transatlantic Anarchist Networks by Timothy Messer-Kruse University of Illinois Press, 2012, 256 pp. An impassive consideration of the Haymarket Affair might run as follows: On the evening of May 4, 1886, following several days of violent protests …

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The First of May  

“Organized a little we control a little,” the Wobblies liked to say, “organized more we control more; organized as a class we control everything.” On May Day 1914, however, such unity was by no means apparent.