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Germany: The End of the Mighty SPD?  

Once an anchor of European social democracy, Germany’s Social Democratic Party has suffered its worst loss since 1932. Can it reclaim the mantle of opposition from the far-right AfD?

What Marx Forgot  

How to Change the World by Eric Hobsbawm Yale University Press, 2011, 480 pp. Eric Hobsbawm is one of the great historians of the past century. His books and essays are beautifully written, full of stimulating insights, and able to …

What Happened to the European Left?  

Although much ink has been spilled on the contemporary economic crisis, one question remains puzzling: what happened to the European Left? Capitalism is in crisis; greed, irresponsible behavior, neoliberal ideology, and unrestrained markets are seen as largely to blame, and …

Reply to Joanne Barkan  

Let me begin by thanking Joanne Barkan for her thoughtful comments. On many points we agree, but on several big ones we do not—about the distinctiveness of the social democratic tradition, its superiority to other traditions on the democratic Left, …

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