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Why We Need Good Police  

Even after a massive redistribution of resources, there will remain a need for an agency with the authority to investigate, restrain, and detain those who insist upon criminally victimizing their neighbors.

Randall Kennedy Responds  

I agree with Michael Tomasky that public safety is an essential public good, that there is no good reason for the left to cede to the right the law-and-order issue, that poor people have a special need for effective law …

On Racial Integration  

The historian Oscar Handlin noted in 1965 that the “attention [of the civil rights movement] has been so narrowly focused on tactical issues that there has been no time to consider ultimate goals.” He warned that “[i]n the absence of …

Class and Race in Black America  

These books address a wide array of topics relating to the changing position of blacks in America. Both acknowledge the importance of the reforms won by the civil rights movement. Both also offer carefully documented indictments of the continuing poverty …

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