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How (Not) to Kill a Philosopher  

In a recent review of Louis Althusser’s On the Reproduction of Capitalism, Anne Boyer misrepresents key aspects of his thought. At the center of her argument is the claim that “Althusserianism has been a Marxism for those who prefer their …

To Krakow and Back  

My plane landed in Krakow on a sunny July morning. I had come there to participate in a program of graduate coursework and cultural exchange organized by the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies at the New School in New York …

Two Heads, One State: Medvedev in Russia  

Nobody in Russia or the rest of the world was particularly surprised when the results of the March 2 presidential election were announced and Dmitry Medvedev won 70.2 percent of the vote. Most political commentators saw his victory as essentially guaranteed when United Russia, the biggest political party in the country—as well as the party of Vladimir Putin—officially endorsed Medvedev as their candidate back on December 17, 2007.