Michael Walzer Responds  

I AGREE WITH Jim Rule on the wrongness of Israeli settlement policy. I don’t believe, as he suggests, that ending American support for that policy would reduce hatred for the United States in the Arab and Muslim worlds. People who …

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Our Ukraine  

The Russian invasion has forced peaceful, ordinary people to risk their lives. Many are fighting because they believe in a Ukraine that welcomes all its citizens and recognizes the rights they all possess.

Reply to Joshua Leifer  

This article is part of a debate. Read the original argument by Michael Walzer here, and Joshua Leifer’s response here. I disagree radically with Joshua Leifer’s response and won’t be able to get to every point of disagreement in this …

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Listen to the Teens  

The high-school students organizing against gun violence in the wake of the Parkland shooting could spark a much larger movement.

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Destroying to Save  

Recent victories against ISIS in Iraq and Syria have come at tremendous human cost. Such casualties are not inevitable—and those responsible must be taken to task.

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(Grand)father of Nasty Women  

Someone on the march told me that this was the best line I had ever written. But I didn’t write it. It was a collective product, written down by my grand-daughter. The “grand” is in parenthesis because my daughters are also nasty women. And my wife has been a bolshevik feminist since she was twelve. I am absolutely certain that they will win.

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