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(Grand)father of Nasty Women  

Someone on the march told me that this was the best line I had ever written. But I didn’t write it. It was a collective product, written down by my grand-daughter. The “grand” is in parenthesis because my daughters are also nasty women. And my wife has been a bolshevik feminist since she was twelve. I am absolutely certain that they will win.

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The Syriza Problem  

Greece’s Syriza party has substituted rhetorical bluster for concrete plans—and has had an extraordinary free ride from the global left even as it has become the party of surrender.

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Islamism and the Left  

Most leftists have no difficulty opposing Hindu nationalists, zealous Buddhist monks, and the messianic Zionists of the settler movement. Why won’t they take a firm stance against Islamists?

In Place of a Hero  

Young people today have no spokesmen. The day of the youth league and its ideology seems to be over. Today we have the club again, and the gang, and perhaps the family. It might even be wrong to say that …