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Taking Back the Grid  

Three years after Boulder citizens voted to de-privatize their electricity and create a public utility, the city’s effort remains stalled. Can the municipalization experiment still succeed—and provide a model for other U.S. cities seeking to go green?

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Is Spain Ready to Abandon the Monarchy?  

The first president to take office after Spain’s return to democracy passed away this spring. The death of Adolfo Suárez was met with a significant outpouring of public sympathy, and Madrid’s international airport was promptly renamed in his honor. The …

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Show Us Your Country: Macedonia’s Capital Transformed  

At a cost of several hundred millions of euros, the capital of Macedonia is undergoing a makeover that includes one of the largest statues in Europe, a new archaeological museum, and several works of public art, all financed by the government in an effort to paint their poverty-stricken state as the rightful inheritor of a distant grandeur. Critics have wondered whether the money could not be better spent in a country that, if it were to join the EU, would be the poorest member.

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Incendiary Politics on the Black Sea  

Despite Bulgaria’s ascension to the EU in 2007, organized crime has continued unabated and no panacea from Brussels has materialized. The corruption has driven Bulgarians into the streets for the first time since the fall of Communism.

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Starchitects in Spain Left on the Plain  

For almost twenty years the phrase “Spanish architecture” was spoken in hushed and reverent tones. It evoked not just Gaudí and his perpetually unfinished spires, but a new breed of visionaries who were reinventing the profession and doing wonders for …

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