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My Name for Hope  

Democratic socialism offers a vision of a good life—that we can share wealth and power and knowledge, be less selfish and cruel, and let everyone, not just the lucky few, develop their talents.

Symposium: Katha Pollitt  

I want to focus on the question of patriotism. If an American child and a Peruvian child were drowning, would you rush to save the American child first? If you were in charge of feeding an international crowd of travelers …

Response to Zelda Bronstein  

Zelda Bronstein thinks I’ve been too easy on Hillary Rodham Clinton. Maybe that was so in 1992, when I published articles in Glamour and in the Nation that explored the extent to which criticism of HRC was motivated by sexism …

Feminism at the Crossroads  

Feminism, like Broadway, the novel, and God, has been declared dead many times. Indeed, unlike those other items, it has been declared dead almost since its birth—by which I mean its modern rebirth in the 1960s. Feminism has also, as …

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