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Daniel Bell at 100  

Bell never quite reconciled the Jewish conservative and the Yiddish radical within him. This tension helped generate some of his most important and creative insights.

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When the Farce Is Tragedy  

Trump’s presidency may not bode the tyranny that many liberals fear. But we shouldn’t let his buffoonishness obscure the real danger that he represents.

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France: The Death of the Elephants  

With this year’s elections, French politics has become less predictable than at any time since the founding of the Fifth Republic. It remains to be seen whether this volatility will reward the left—or the populist far right.

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France on the Brink  

François Hollande has failed to provide voters with a credible alternative on issues of national security—a failure which has splintered the left and created a dangerous opening for the far-right.

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A Moral Abdication  

Reckoning with the past is a struggle that should be constantly engaged in, and nowhere more than in universities, in regard to their own histories. Avoiding this struggle is not an acceptance of the past. It is, rather, a moral abdication.

Behind the Soviet Economic Crisis  

Can perestroika—the reconstruction of the Soviet economy—work? The shape of the world economy, in particular the relations of the advanced industrial societies to the markets of tomorrow, depends upon the answer to that question. I distinguish here between Eastern Europe—Poland, …