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Partial Readings: Monsanto’s Revolving Door  

In last week’s Partial Readings, I suggested that conservatives and other corporate allies in Washington are most successful when they advance regressive laws and dismember progressive ones behind the scenes, rather than seeking public approval—or even majority approval in Congress—for …

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Partial Readings: Kimani Gray and Police Violence  

Last Saturday, two undercover police officers in an unmarked car approached a teenager walking down the street in his Brooklyn neighborhood of East Flatbush after he broke off from a group of friends. According to police reports, Kimani Gray, sixteen, …

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Nothing To Lose but the Supply Chain  

“Tis the Season of Retail Revolt” declared the cover of the free daily Metro this Tuesday, in a rare acknowledgement of labor unrest. The fact that this year’s Black Friday protests reached the cover of the New York tabloid is …

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