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The Failure of COP28  

The UAE, host to the latest UN climate conference, showcases the vices that need to be vanquished if we’re going to have anything approaching a green society.

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Scotland’s Vote for Democracy  

The next great experiment in reinventing democracy gets its airing in Scotland’s independence vote on Thursday. It’s been almost four years since Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution stoked the appetite for more direct forms of democracy. The resulting wave of occupations swept …

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NYU Victory: A Catalyst for University Organizing?  

Earlier this week, members of the GSOC (Graduate Student Organizing Committee) -UAW bargaining unit at New York University voted overwhelmingly (620 to 10) for union recognition. The result means that GSOC is (once again) the first graduate-employee union at a …

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Climate Debt Denial  

The brunt of the impact of climate change will be borne by some of the poorest populations in the world. Is there a way to make rich nations pay climate debts to developing countries that have already felt the effects of climate change?

On Intellectuals in Politics  

In his essay “Intellectuals in Politics,” Richard Rorty gives us his thumbnail sketch of the history of democracy in the United States. In the beginning were the Founding Fathers, fearful of mob rule. In the interim were the spread of …

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