The Travail of U.S. Communists

The Travail of U.S. Communists

Hardly had the leaders of the U.S. Communist Party proclaimed their newly discovered critical mind, then the workers of Poznan gave them a dramatic opportunity to exhibit it. Could the CP extend its “criticism” to areas unspecified in Khrushchev’s report, even to unpermitted areas? It was a test of newly acquired virtue which the devil himself might have devised.

On July 2 the Daily Worker answered the devil in a way that must have warmed his heart. Its editorial response to the suppression of the Polish workers’ strike might have come at any time in a thirty-odd year history of unthinking obedience. It admitted only as much as the Polish government had already admitted: that many justified grievances existed. And it made the same accusation as Radio Moscow had broadcast to the world:

“…this was no ‘spontaneous’ uprising, but a long planned instigation… pent-up grievances were exploited for ulterior motives...

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