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Duck Unchained  

Until the end of 2017, if you opened the website of the French weekly newspaper Le Canard enchaîné (which translates roughly as “The Chained Duck”), you were greeted with a short announcement: “No, contrary to appearances, Le Canard has not …

Suicide, Watch  

Jilly took her head out of the oven mainly because it was hot and the gas did not work independently of the pilot light. Stupid new technology. And preferring her head whole and her new auburn sew-in weave unsinged, and …

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Single-Payer or Bust  

By providing a single tier of coverage to all, with automatic enrollment, comprehensive benefits, and no cost-sharing, single-payer provides a distinct—and more egalitarian—vision of universality.

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Crisis and Opportunity  

The left will not live forever on the sidelines of political power. When we have an opportunity to remake our healthcare system, we must be sure to seize it.

Introducing the special section of our Spring issue.

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