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Making China Marxist Again  

Marxism-Leninism has no beauty, nor is there anything mysterious about it. It is only extremely useful. —Mao Zedong, Yan’an, 1942 On the bicentennial of Marx’s birth last May, President Xi Jinping called on members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) …

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Adulting While Poor  

Why can’t millennials afford their own homes? Reading much of the popular press, one is led to believe it’s their unrealistic expectations, indulgent spending, and general allergy to adulthood that have trapped them in a renter’s purgatory. Nebraska senator Ben …

The Faces of Eviction  

Since the publication of his book Evicted in 2016, sociologist Matthew Desmond has become the best-known chronicler of a quiet epidemic sweeping the United States today: eviction. Drawing on the book’s fine-grained account of how eviction plays out in Milwaukee, …

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Beltway Blues  

The Democratic Party in the second year of the Trump presidency is both remarkably united and notably amorphous. But this era of fifty-fifty politics will not go on forever. A left turn is long overdue.

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The Dirtbag Manifesto  

As liberal comedy flounders, Chapo Trap House issues a welcome corrective—a brand of humor that is not just combative, but offers a systemic explanation for capitalism’s ills.

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