Less Profile, More Courage

ALL POLITICIANS these days run for office scared. It’s harder and harder to get elected. But now we have the sight of a politician “running scared” for nomination to office! And three years to go!

What’s he scared about? Senator John Kennedy (D., Mass.) can’t miss out on the Democratic presidential nomination in 1960 any more than he can fail to be elected in November of 1960. Slow up, Senator; you’re in.

Sure there’ll be knock-down, drag-out battles at both party conventions, but if the leaders would just consider the facts they’d spare the man a lot of agony. Kennedy has everything:

Personality: Handsome good looks, somewhat on the lean and bony side; struggled up through illness too (war wounds, operation, spine) . A little dark; a touch of the youthful tragic; a note on the mournful. And that curling, overhanging hair. .. Wonderful, wonderful!

Good education, intellectual (not too much; no egghead; one book, popular) — doesn’t overdo it like the last one who ran; splendid manners, charm and poise. Fine family man in every sense—from a fine family, building a fine family—fine wife, bit of the foreign exotic about her; French origin, a photographer. Photogenic couple. And that younger brother —driving out those vicious racketeers; hero-worships his older brother. Don’t forget father in the background, quiet, no ostentation, wealth.