Chile: A Way to Socialism?

Chile: A Way to Socialism?

Santiago, Chile, July 1971

The Chilean Revolution is irreversibleĀ and irrepressible. Whatever happens now the “two Chiles” of the past (the Chile of the rich, and that of the poor) are gone forever. Will the experience through which the country is passing lead to a better world, a socialist society conceived and realized in democracy? That is the question, and no one yet knows the answer.

The country extends, on the average, 2,800 miles in length from north to south and in width, from east to west, only 110 miles. In the north 1,000 miles of the land consist of desert and barren hills, almost uninhabited; in the south another stretch of 1,000 miles, lying in fog and mist, is pitted with mountains, glaciers, fjords, and islands, and equally uninhabited. This leaves 800 miles in the central region, containing 90 percent of the population (now approaching 10 million), of whom at least 30 percent live in the crowded capital of Santiago. Most Chileans are of mestizo


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