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A Call for Sanctuary  

The American public does not support mass removal of immigrants. And by turning cities and campuses into sanctuaries against raids and deportations, we have the power to stop it.

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Statelessness: A Forgotten Crisis  

The Nubian community has lived in Kenya for over a hundred years, yet many became stateless after Kenya’s independence in 1963. For years, Nubian youth had to go through a nationality verification process called “vetting” in order to obtain a …

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The Right-Wing Roots of Britain’s EU Referendum  

Crazed free-marketeers and unashamed racists have brought the UK to the brink of leaving Europe. Despite the EU’s neoliberal character, only a Remain vote will allow us to take responsibility for the future political direction of a continent that we cannot escape.

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Justice Deferred  

Obama’s executive orders on immigration, currently pending at the Supreme Court, would relieve millions of immigrants of the worst burdens of undocumented life. But no matter how the Court rules, even the immigrants who qualify for DAPA and DACA will remain in legal limbo.

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A Lost Boy in Louisville: One Refugee’s Story  

In 1986, Deng Manyoun left his southern Sudan town to escape civil war and famine. Nineteen years later, he was shot dead by a white police officer in Louisville, Kentucky. Manyoun’s story illustrates not just the alarming scale of U.S. police violence but the dramatic failure of our refugee resettlement policy.

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Trumping History  

The Trump phenomenon is best understood as an amalgam of three different, largely pathological strains in American history and culture.

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