Why I didn’t sign the Euston Manifesto

Editors: The Euston Manifesto has caused a stir beyond its modest origins and
list of signatories, because for once the options for the left seem to transcend the
choice between bankrupt Blairism, its prospective Brownite reincarnation and the
predictable certitudes of the reactionary left. As one of the latter’s most insistent
critics, I might have been expected to have caught the Euston express. Indeed, I find
that not only are many of its principles unexceptionable – who would not endorse
8) Against racism? – but the edge in principles like 2) No apology for tyranny and
6) Opposing anti-Americanism is very much in tune with what I have long argued,
while the positive outlook in those like 10) A new internationalism, 11) A critical
openness and 12) Historical truth also seems valuable.

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