Uncouth Nation: Why Europe Dislikes America

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to make available extracts from Andrei Markovits’ Uncouth Nation: Why Europe Dislikes America (Princeton University Press, 2007). This book has been acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic. Joschka Fischer, former Foreign Minister of Germany, has praised its ‘deep insights into anti-Americanism in Europe today’ while Michael Walzer has summed up its achievement thus: ‘Andrei Markovits does three things in this excellent book: he provides an account of the historical and contemporary forms of European anti-Americanism (and of its close relative, anti-Semitism); he analyzes the roots and causes of this phenomenon; and, best of all, he gives us a running critique of the frequent silliness and malice of the anti-Americans and of their role in fashioning a certain kind, which is not the best possible kind, of pan-European politics.’

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