Jihad and Jew-Hatred: An Interview with Matthias Küntzel

Matthias Küntzel is a political scientist based in Hamburg, Germany. From 1984 to 1988 he was a senior advisor to the Federal Parliamentary Fraction of Germany’s Green Party and is the author of Bonn and the Bomb: German Politics and the Nuclear Option (Pluto 1995). Since 2004, he has been a research associate at the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (SICSA) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His latest book, Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11 (Telos Press, 2007), traces the impact of European fascism on the Arab and Islamic world. It was awarded the London Book Festival’s annual grand prize for ‘books worthy of greater attention from the international publishing community’ and First Prize Gold Medal in the Religion category in the prestigious Independent Publisher Book Awards. His writings in English are available online. The interview took place in Hamburg on May 7, 2008.

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