Globality, War, Revolution: An Interview with Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw is a sociologist of war and global politics and holds the Chair of
International Relations and Politics at the University of Sussex. He studied
Sociology at the London School of Economics, graduating in 1968. Martin has
been a member of the International Socialists (1965-1976), the Labour Party
(1979- ) and the European Nuclear Disarmament steering committee (1980-85.)
A prolific writer, Martin’s more recent books include The New Western Way of War:
Risk-Transfer War and Its Crisis in Iraq (Polity, 2005), Global Activism, Global
Media, edited with Wilma de Jong and Neil Stammers (Pluto and Ann Arbor,
University of Michigan Press, 2005), War and Genocide (Polity, 2003), Theory of
the Global State: Globality as Unfinished Revolution (Cambridge University Press,
2000) Global Society and International Relations: Sociological Concepts and Political
Perspectives (Polity, 1994) and Post-Military Society: Demilitarization, Militarism
and War at the end of the Twentieth Century (Polity, 1991.) He is a member of
the editorial board or editorial advisory board of International Relations, Peace and
Conflict Studies, Global Media-Global Culture, Global Society, Renewal: Journal of
Labour Politics, and Democratiya. The interview took place on October 20, 2005.

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