Blood in the Sand: Imperial Fantasies, Right Wing Ambitions, and the Erosion of American Democracy

One should never judge a book by its cover, but in this case of this book, it is very hard not to do so. The title suggests the book will be an ideological screed, and it is. The cover has an American tank in the Iraqi desert in the middle of a sandstorm. Not far away is a shirtless man, presumably an Iraqi, with his arms outstretched. The man is meant to be a symbol of Iraqi resistance to the American invasion. But, of course, from a different point of view, the man could be seen as welcoming the liberation of Iraq. This view, however, is not possible in Bronner’s book, since it is yet another diatribe against the Iraq war. The author, a professor of political science at Rutgers University, spares no effort in fitting the war into the dominant narrative of the anti-war left.

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