Archive: The Left and Korea

Editor’s Note: Susan Green’s article was published as ‘Summing up the discussion on the Korean Statement’ in Forum, the internal bulletin of The Independent Socialist League, in 1950. [1] The ISL (called the Workers Party from 1940-49) was a small American democratic socialist organisation. It published the weekly newspaper Labour Action, edited by Hal Draper (and, before him, Irving Howe, the founder of Dissent), and the magazine The New International, edited for much of the 1950s by Julius Jacobson ( Julius Falk), who went on to found and edit New Politics with his wife Phyllis Jacobson. Stanley Aronowitz has justly called the WP- ISL ‘the most intellectually vital of all the radical formations [in the United States] in the 1940s and 1950s.’

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