Up From Neoliberalism

Up From Neoliberalism

A preview of our Fall 2023 issue.

Artwork by Tabitha Arnold

Our Fall 2023 issue, Up From Neoliberalism, launches September 5.

“Listen closely and you can hear the sound of the great consensus machine whirring to life as it cranks out another verdict on the way the world works,” Timothy Shenk writes in his introduction. “Neoliberalism, it has been decided, is finished.”

It would be nice if neoliberalism were behind us. . . . Nice for politicians who want to imagine they’re changing the course of history. Nice for foundations that want a story to tell donors about winning the war of ideas. Nice for journalists who want to think the fights they’re covering (and the sources they’re puffing up) will outlast the news cycle. And, not incidentally, nice for all of us who want to live in a more just and equal world than the one we have now. But nice stories only take you so far. With this special section on neoliberalism—past, present, and future—we want to take you farther.

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The section includes Gary GerstleAmy C. Offner, and Julia Ott on whether neoliberalism is over; Fred Block on the habitation economy; Edward Ongweso Jr. on Saule Omarova; an interview with Bradford DeLongAndrew Elrod on labor in the Biden era; Elizabeth Anderson on the work ethic; and a roundtable on geopolitics and industrial policy with Yakov FeyginDaniela GaborHo-fung HungThea Riofrancos, and Quinn Slobodian.

Also in the issue: Nelson Lichtenstein on Rachel Maddow’s UltraJane Hu on BarbieMichael Kazin on his experiences in the New Left; Veena Dubal on threats to the right to strike; Nina Luo on money and political power on the left; and Arun Gupta on the hidden politics of food.

And in the book review section: Patrick Iber on Cold War liberalism; Betrand Cooper on poverty; Angus Burgin on Crack-Up Capitalism; Victoria Baena on Jacqueline Rose; Bijan Stephen on cybercrime; and Justin H. Vassallo on the history of municipal socialism.

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