Belabored Podcast #96: Sick of Austerity in Detroit and Flint

Belabored Podcast #96: Sick of Austerity in Detroit and Flint

Joel Berger, a second-generation Detroit public school teacher, talks about teacher protests over the city’s dilapidated schools and the water crisis in Flint.

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It’s no coincidence that two longstanding urban crises have exploded in Michigan in the past few weeks: one unfolding in poisoned pipelines of Flint, where children have been sickened by lead contamination, and the other erupting in the dilapidated schools of Detroit, where teachers have launched “sickouts” in protest of deplorable working and learning conditions. In both cases, the destruction of local democracy and the degradation of working-class communities went hand in hand. We talk to Joel Berger, a second-generation Detroit teacher, about what it’s like to work in a public school system dominated by an unelected emergency manager and how the labor movement can and should respond.

In other news, we look at a government effort to track gender discrimination, Uber’s latest attack on drivers, unrest at the New York port, and an agenda for black futures. With recommended reading on the rough world of professional hockey, and the dilemma of the 40-hour workweek.


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