Know Your Enemy: The Enemy Within, with Brandy Jensen

Know Your Enemy: The Enemy Within, with Brandy Jensen

Writer, editor, and advice columnist Brandy Jensen answers listener questions about how to be a person again (or for the first time) after the pandemic.

Masked walkers and unmasked runners meet on a trail in Austin, Texas on March 10, 2021. (Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images)

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For a slight change of pace, we invited our dear friend Brandy Jensen—author of the world’s best advice column, Jezebel‘s Ask a Fuck-Up, and features editor at the new—to answer listener questions about reentering the world post-vaccine, dating, conservative relatives, whether the “Trad Caths” are right, and mourning the lives we did not live.

As you’ll see, we ended up addressing many classic Know Your Enemy themes—mercy, redemption, humility, etc.—and we had a great time doing it. Thank you to everyone who wrote in with such intimate and profound questions. You’re all very beautifully fucked-up.

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