Know Your Enemy: Red-Diaper Baby, with Ari Brostoff

Know Your Enemy: Red-Diaper Baby, with Ari Brostoff

A conversation with Ari Brostoff on David Horowitz’s trajectory from the New Left to conservative firebrand.

David Horowitz speaking at CPAC 2011 (Mark Taylor/Flickr)

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Matt and Sam are joined by Ari Brostoff, the author of Missing Time: Essays, to explore David Horowitz’s 1996 memoir Radical Son. Like a number of prominent conservatives, Horowitz is a convert from the left. Radical Son is his account of that journey—an evocative, angry, revealing text that takes the reader from his red-diaper baby childhood in Queens’s Sunnyside neighborhood to his involvement with Huey Newton and the Black Panthers in Oakland to his break with the left and his turn to the right. What does Horowitz’s trajectory reveal about the right-wing politics today?

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