Know Your Enemy: Overturning Roe, Part Two, on the Christian Right

Know Your Enemy: Overturning Roe, Part Two, on the Christian Right

Matt and Sam dig into the origins of the Christian right, its eventual embrace of anti-abortion politics, and how it joined forces with the GOP.

Jerry Falwell in 1988 (Bettmann/Getty)

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Matt and Sam dive into the origins of the Christian right—a complicated tale often flattened by contemporary debates. What was the history of Christian anti-abortion activism before Roe, and how soon after the landmark Supreme Court decision did conservative Christians coalesce around abortion—and other issues—to become the political force we know today? What did it take to get Catholics and evangelicals to join forces, and what were the barriers to them coming together, especially given the history of anti-Catholicism in the United States? And how did all this help reshape the GOP into a vehicle for anti-abortion politics—a scenario that was not fated on the eve of Roe? Your hosts take up these questions and more, stopping in the early 1990s, when they’ll pick up the story in the third and final episode in the series.

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