Know Your Enemy: Overturning Roe, Part Three

Know Your Enemy: Overturning Roe, Part Three

Conservative intellectuals helped bridge the gap between the religious right and the institutional Republican Party in order to end the right to abortion.

Richard John Neuhaus on "Meet the Press" on Easter Sunday in 2006 (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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In the third and final episode in their series on the overturning of Roe v. Wade—recorded on the day it happened—Matt and Sam pick up with 1990s, the George W. Bush administration, and eventually take listeners up to the present. They focus especially on the way conservative, mostly Christian intellectuals—many of them connected to the religious journal First Things—brought Catholics and evangelicals together to fight against abortion rights. Figures like Richard John Neuhaus, Robert P. George, and Hadley Arkes provided language and arguments in a more elite idiom, a project that deeply influenced Bush’s presidency and helped cement the anti-abortion movement’s place not just in the religious right but in the broader conservative movement and the GOP.

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