Know Your Enemy: Midge Decter, Anti-Feminist Cold Warrior

Know Your Enemy: Midge Decter, Anti-Feminist Cold Warrior

Matt and Sam join Moira Donegan and Adrian Daub to discuss the life and work of an anti-feminist, neoconservative icon.

Midge Decter (Cynthia Johnson/Getty Images, 1987)

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In this episode, Matt and Sam join Moira Donegan and Adrian Daub—co-hosts of the new podcast In Bed With The Right—for an in-depth look at the life, times, and work of the late Midge Decter, who died in 2022. Decter was inspired by a distinctly conservative, midcentury American reading of Freudian psychology, mobilized in defense of traditional family hierarchies, which made her an important link between neoconservatives and the religious right. Unsurprisingly, she helped found or served on the boards of numerous conservative organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, Committee for the Free World, and the Independent Womens Forum, among others. Her essays, books, and memoirs represent an anguished counter-revolt against the sexual liberation movements of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, and her trajectory from (ostensible) New Deal liberal to anti-feminist Cold Warrior proves a perfect subject for Know Your Enemy. Decter also was married to Norman Podhoretz (another subject of KYE lore) and the mother of John Podhoretz, current editor of Commentary magazine. A quarrelsome, Jewish conservative with a lively writing style and a fascinating, emblematic life story: what could be better?

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