Know Your Enemy: Know Your Frenemies, with Samuel Moyn

Know Your Enemy: Know Your Frenemies, with Samuel Moyn

A conversation with historian Samuel Moyn on the Never Trump movement, a collection of conservative intellectuals and Republican operatives trying to consolidate the so-called political center against not just Trump but also the left.

Kurt Bardella, Mike Pesca and Jennifer Rubin speak during the 2019 Politicon in Nashville, Tennessee (Ed Rode/Getty Images)

Know Your Enemy is a podcast about the American right co-hosted by Matthew Sitman and Sam Adler-Bell. Read more about it here. You can subscribe, rate, and review to the show on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher, and receive bonus content by supporting the podcast on Patreon.

Matt and Sam welcome Yale historian Samuel Moyn to the show for a deep-dive into the Never Trump movement. Who are the Never Trumpers? How seriously should we take the heroic story they tell about themselves? Did they sink Bernie’s campaign for the Democratic nomination? Have they reckoned with their role in paving the way for Trump? In trying to answer these questions the conversation moves from the baleful influence of Never Trumpers to a discussion of historical debates about over the rise of fascism, the perils of “tyrannophobia,” and the possibilities for breaking through the hegemony of neoliberals and neoconservatives in our political life.

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