Know Your Enemy: Bomb Power, with Erik Baker

Know Your Enemy: Bomb Power, with Erik Baker

Matt and Sam welcome historian Erik Baker onto the podcast to discuss Garry Wills’s blistering critique of the national security state and unaccountable presidential power in his 2010 book, Bomb Power.

The atomic bomb codenamed Fat Man in August 1945 (PhotoQuest/Getty Images)

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For our final main episode of 2023, we’re dipping back into the Wills well to discuss Garry’s underappreciated 2010 book, Bomb Power: The Modern Presidency and the National Security State. Joining us is our great friend Erik Baker, lecturer in the history of science department at Harvard University and an editor at the Drift.

In Bomb Power, Garry Wills elegantly demonstrates how the imperatives of secretly conceiving, building, and deploying the nuclear bomb fundamentally changed American democracy—massively empowering the presidency, disempowering Congress, and setting the nation on a permanent war footing. At the same time, secrecy and deception metastasized through the American system, enabling the rise of extrajudicial assassinations, coup plotting, domestic surveillance, torture, and clandestine war.  “Secrecy emanated from the Manhattan Project like a giant radiation emission,” Wills writes. “Because the government was the keeper of the great secret, it began specializing in secret keeping.”

Also discussed: Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer (2023), Henry Kissinger (RIP), Bush and Obama, Snowden, Ellsberg, and the ways in which Bomb Power is a profoundly Catholic book. Enjoy!

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