Feminism After Dobbs

Feminism After Dobbs

A preview of our Winter 2023 issue.

Artwork by Tabitha Arnold

Our Winter 2023 issue, out January 9, features a special section on Feminism After Dobbs. “Anger is useless unless it is given shape and marshaled as a force that can propel a broader political movement to power,” Sarah Jones writes in an introduction to the section. “With this issue of Dissent, we assert our full humanity to those who would deny it.”

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In the section: Loretta J. Ross on reproductive justice; Amy Zanoni on abortion and the welfare state; Meaghan Winter on authoritarianism and misogyny; Zoe Hu on tradlife; Melinda Cooper on anti-eugenics and the anti-abortion movement; and a roundtable on labor and reproductive rights with Maggie Carter, Dee Dunn, Rebecca Kolins Givan, Rebekah Nelson, Sara Nelson, and Martha Valadez.

Also in the issue: Hanna Khosravi on Iranian cinema; Ariel Munczek Edelman on RuPaul’s Drag Race; Joanne McNeil on a working-class art museum; Janet Afary and Kevin B. Anderson on the uprising in Iran; and Tiana Reid on machines without workers.

And in the book review section: Elias Rodriques on the poetry of Attica; Allison Brown on transgender identity and the state; and Matt Weir on Romanian writer Mircea Cărtărescu.

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